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Meet Dr Helen Summers (Chiropractor)

Chiropractor Newmarket, Dr. Helen SummersWitnessing the Impact of Chiropractic

A country girl at heart, Helen spent most of her formative years in Bendigo, Victoria. When Helen was in primary school, she was already set on becoming a doctor. At the time, however, she thought that it would be in the medical profession.

Work experience during high school, she shadowed a GP and also observed a chiropractor who was a family friend. Not knowing anything about the natural healing profession, she found it fascinating and enjoyed helping people in a happy, vital environment.

Understanding True Health

The philosophy of chiropractic and the idea that health comes from within, not in the form of a tablet, made her realise that it was the right field for her. “A person is designed to be healthy. The body just needs to be able to express itself without interference. I believe everyone has the ability to experience better health with better habits.”

To earn her chiropractic qualification, Helen attended RMIT University in Melbourne. She worked for three years in regional Queensland, then bought The Spine Centre, formally Newmarket Chiropractic Centre, in 1999. With over 20 years of experience, she is known as a highly proficient adjuster, utilising both traditional chiropractic and lower-force techniques.

Living a Balanced Life

Helen’s life outside of the clinic revolves around health, her greatest value. She certainly leads by example – She exercises daily using a variety of strength training, Pilates and high intensity interval training. To complement her active lifestyle, she eats a well balanced modified paleo diet, loves going to organic markets and cooking her family healthy and delicious meals. Music is a passion, and she’s recently started learning to play the guitar. When she isn’t involved in health-related activities, she stays busy with her two children and enjoys getting away camping and hiking during the holidays.

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