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Newmarket Dr Helen Summers, chiropractor explains chiropractic

Chiropractic Care

Enjoy natural healthcare that’s tailored to your needs at The Spine Centre.

With many years of experience, Chiropractor Dr Helen Summers is well-versed in delivering the precise chiropractic care you need to heal and feel incredible.

The techniques we may utilise to help you include:

Gonstead and Diversified techniques

These are both classic chiropractic manual techniques. After identifying which vertebrae have lost their normal motion or position, a specific manual thrust is applied to free up “stuck” spinal joints. The goal is to restore normal joint motion and improve nerve system function.
Dr Helen Summers (chiropractor) helping patient in Newmarket


This specialised table has segments or “drop pieces” located within the table that support your spine through the adjustment. With a thrust, the drop piece will gently give way, making your adjustments easy on you.

Activator Methods®

This is a system of spinal evaluation combined with a handheld adjusting instrument that delivers a consistent, low-force thrust. Often the technique of choice when caring for younger patients and the elderly.

Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT)

SOT is a comprehensive, gentle and innovative technique of Chiropractic. It is so named because of the relationship between the Sacrum (base of the spine) and the Occiput (base of the skull).

Chiropractic treatment for all the family at The Spine Centre
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