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Meet Simon Dawson

Simon Dawson, The Spine Centre Practice manager

Practice Manager

As the practice manager of The Spine Centre, Simon is passionate about patient education. His goal is to help you understand that chiropractic care is not just about pain relief. At its heart, it is about healing and regeneration. This recognition brings him a level of sincere joy that spills over into patient interactions.

A Long-Term Interest in Natural Health

Simon has always had a natural affinity for chiropractic care, and it shows. Since 2004, he has been fascinated with the fact that this art and science is fundamentally about the cause of dysfunction-not just symptoms. His enthusiasm has led to the co-creation of many wellness programmes.

His passion has earned him the trust of hundreds of patients. You can trust Simon’s selfless dedication as well.

Personal Growth Coaching

Simon has had the opportunity to participate in life coaching training. He has been instrumental in a men’s support organisation since 2003. It is his passion to help men to address and confront the emotional challenges that are rampant in our society today. He loves being in the role of a facilitator.

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